Activities to explore science

Do you want to combine fun with learning? Then the following activities are for you. You don't need to have a science background or complex supplies to try them. Grab a group of friends, or your family or even try them by yourself and discover the secrets of science being revealed in front of your eyes.

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  • Indoor Activities:
    • Racing rockets: Investigate rocket flight by changing the size, material and shape.

    • Timer challenge: Make a sand timer that will run for one minute

    • Sneaky shadows: Design your own small theatre with shadow puppets

  • Outdoor Activities:                                           
    • Bowled over: Design and make a version of ten-pin bowling

    • Kite tails: Mike your own kite

    • Incredi-bubble: Make bubbles with a straw

  • Kitchen Activities:

    • Cheesy challenge: Make your own cheese

    • Tomato sauce testers: Find the perfect thickness for tomato sauce

    •  Making yoghurt: Use different types of milk to make tasty yoghurt

  • Make it Activities:              
    •  Crafty rafts: Find the best raft design that holds the largest number of objects before it sinks        

    •  Bridge builders: Build and test a model bridge

    •  Music makers: Use bottles, spoons and cups to make and tune your own instruments