How does your food grow?

A set of lesson plans about food and plants by Corteva, perfect for lockdown period of spring/summer! 

The radish party - learn that stem strength and color, in addition to growth, are indicative of a healthy plant and healthy soil - weeks

Secrets of seeds - observe seeds, match them to the fruits from which they came, and discover that seeds need water and warmth to germinate - one day to three weeks

This land is your land - work creatively as “farmers” to prevent soil erosion and save the farm, learning about a real-world problem - one hour

The farmer in the lab - explore the develop pest-resistant varieties of wheat - one month

How does your garden grow - plant seeds in water gel crystals to enhance their ability to observe the growth of roots, stems, and leaves over several days. Students also explore how plants grow in a hydroponic system - four months

My Food Is From ... - describe the steps of how a particular food made it into their plate - one hour

Project Produce - learn about plant classification and growth needs by investigating how various foods are grown and imported along with why so many unfamiliar foods show up in the local grocery store - one week

You Are What You Eat! - identify through testing which foods contain carbohydrates, fats, sugars, or proteins. These activities will help students connect the science of food makeup to the abundant variety available to them in their daily choices - one hour and a half

Designing Healthy Ice Pops - participate in an integrated STEM activity to experience the processes of research, design, evaluation, modification, and presentation - four weeks, need to find nutricion scientist

Rice is Rice, Right? - observe a variety of types of rice, recording their similarities and differences - half an hour