STEM resources by age

A selection of online learning resources shared and recommended by Scottish Public Engagement network members - professionals in engagement with research, education, libraries, museums, and archives.  
Additional resources on STEM learning & dealing with anxiety/talking to children surrounding Covid-19 recommended by Children First Northhamptonshire.

Age 3+

  • Steam Experiments - variety of creative science activities searchable by age range and subject area 
  • - Science fair project ideas searchable by age range
  • Glasgow Science Centre Twitter page - Every day at 10am Glasgow Science Centre posts new video with #GSCAtHomeVideos are fun and demonstrate world in a fun way. Please do not do these experiments at home!
  • Parents section is fun and all experiments are downloadable for free! They have risk assessments and are easy for home setting (Age 3-11+)
  • Grow at home - How to encourage little hands to grow using easy seeds and simple methods
  • Cbeebies Radio - Listen and learn!

Age 5+ 

  • Maddie Moate Youtube Channel - How things work and things to make, including outdoor activities
  • Science Kids - Online science facts, games, experiments which cover chemistry, biology and physics concepts
  • EuroStemCell - Range of fact-checked resources on stem cells, searchable by age right up to adulthood
  • Ducksters -  Experiments and information on other topics including geography, history
  • DK FindOut! - safe, search engine-like encyclopaedia covering a range of topics and questions
  • Twinkl - printable Free Science resources and more
  • Netflix - 150+ educational shows to watch on Netflix
  • Khan Academy - Excellent learning resources (incl. videos) on STEM topics from nursery to Undergraduate
  • BBC Bitesize - Topics aimed at the national curriculum from Primary education to post-16.
  • The Kids Should See This - Quirky, short science videos to get kids excited about STEM
  • CREST Awards - Achieve real qualifications while being inspired. From basic courses for 5-7 year olds to post-16 courses to help you get into University.
  • Prodigy - Learns maths through online learning (aimed at kids aged 5-12)
  • British Council - Classroom based resources for all different age groups
  • NASA STEM - Fun space and physics themed hands on activities to do indoors

Age 7+ 

  • Solar Spark - Based at The University of Edinburgh in Scotland, The Solar Spark aims to spread the word about the potential of solar energy to significantly contribute to solving the world’s energy crisis. All of us are completely dependent upon massive amounts of energy to go about our daily lives. Have you ever wondered how we can sustain this without the damaging problems that arise from burning coal, oil and gas...? Also a check the Youtube Channel
  • Medical Research Council Activity Packs - Introducing science concepts, including DNA, cells and viruses
  • Royal Society of Chemistry Education - Chemistry teaching resources for variety of age ranges

  • Royal Academy of Engineering - The resources provide learning activities for home use, in a STEM club, for a STEM challenge day or to enhance and add context to the curriculum.

  • Blockly - Teach coding basics for kids with fun games

  • Scratch - Create fun stories and practice coding skills (founded by MIT)

  • NatGeo Kids - National Geographic bio-learning resources for kids

  • Mystery Science - Hook your kids with a mystery about science, before the story unfolds before their eyes. Includes some hands-on activities at the end.

  • Crash Course - Crash courses in important science topics aimed at kids, accompanied by their YouTube channel

  • Nature Detectives - Woodland trust nature based activities to do in the garden

  • BluePeter - Activities recommended by Blue Peter CBBC (and potential earn the famous blue badge itself!)

Age 9+

  • Seneca - Fast paced homework / revision resource covering topics in the National Curriculum
  • TEDEd - TED sponsored learning resources with fun science videos on funky topics
  • Duolingo - (not science) learn another language for free!
  • Tinkercad - 3D design to learn coding, electronics and engineering skills
  • Big History Project - Learn about our past, present, and future. All the way from the big bang, to the emergence of life, to climate change
  • World Geography Games - Learn Geography and GeoScience through fun interactive games!

Age 11+

  • Kergusat - Eduational YouTube videos on lots of fun and unusual STEM topics (e.g. why don't whales get cancer?)

Age 16+

  • FutureLearn - Career/training courses during lockdown
  • iDEA - Develop digital skills while demonstrating employability / potential for University
  • 3Blue1Brown - Easy to follow YouTube maths videos, making difficult concepts (Machine Learning, Fourier Transforms etc.) easy to understand through graphics

Edited by Anna-Maria and Lucas Rudden

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Thanks to Beth Coe @ Children First Northhamptonshire for providing lots of these resources.