The Solar Spark – studying light

Kindly shared with us by Anna-Maria

This set of activities allows Level 2 pupils to study light and colour using spectroscope and Newton wheel of colour. You can download and print ut the PDF document at the end.


Level: Second level (P7)
Age: 9+
Type: Primary
Complexity: Medium
Cost per activity: Low
Location: Indoor (preferably needs access to window too)
Needed equipment: used/unwanted CD, phone camera (optional), torch, scissors, glue


Newton's Colour Wheel, taken from

In this set of activities, pupil will:

  • Make white light with a colour wheel containing all the colours of the rainbow. To understand that white light can be made and broken down into many different colours of the rainbow.

  • Build a spectroscope that can be used to look at light sources (possibly including the Sun, LEDs, and a TV/computer screen). By doing this they will understand that white light can be broken down into many different colours.

  • Explore ideas and ask relevant questions to expand understanding and knowledge of a subject of solar energy as a source of renewable energy.

  • Use straightforward scientific evidence to answer questions.

  • Explore ideas and record experiences through creative work.

  • Build on understanding of the methods and processes of science through different types of scientific enquiries.

Risk Assessment:

Making a spectroscope and Newton Wheel


Likelihood and Seriousness of Injury

Control measures

Assessment of remaining risk

Cutting with scissors

Possible, serious injury unlikely

Ensure that scissors are being handled responsibly with adult supervision


Handling paper

Possible paper cuts, serious injury unlikely

Explain potential for cuts


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Download the PDF
The Solar Spark - study of sunlight.pdf

Let us know how you get on!